Monday, November 23, 2009

The Moon and Antarctica

Yesterday, I literally saw the moon and antarctica (the name of a modest mouse album). It's funny how something as regular as seeing the moon can seem so alien down here. Not to mention the alien spacecrafts that are buried under the ice...

Yesterday was spent mostly setting up all our rack-mounted electronics. A simple task, right? Apparently not at the South Pole. So many parts needed to be modified. Everything seems to take longer than even a normal delay would expect. We got to sleep in yesterday, seeing as how it was sunday and most people have the day off... didn't need to meet the group until 7am instead of 6:30! We broke for lunch at around 12:30 and then worked until dinner at around 5:30. Just before dinner, the store was having a massive sale on all older merchandise, and I scored 4 t-shirts for $20. After dinner I went to the store to buy more stuff. I bought a cool hoodie and I bought a 6 pack of beer for only $5. They have a whole section of DVD's at the store for rent (for free) so I rented the 1st season of the Simpsons.

After the store, I went into the music room and played for a while. Danny, the bass player joined a little later and we ended up jamming for a while and just chatting about life at the station, etc.

I haven't been able to sleep well, and the prospect of no breaks in my schedule has my spirits kind of low. Also I really miss my friends and family, not to mention my girlfriend! This week my parents are on the west coast, and I was really hoping to see them.

Feeling kind of blah this morning. Woke up last night about 2 hours after falling asleep feeling like I was going to be sick. It passed pretty quickly but the panic of 'I'm really far from everyone I know' didn't help. Perhaps I'm literally homesick. Yesterday morning I wasn't feeling great, but I perked up after I started working. Hopefully the same will happen today.

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