Friday, November 13, 2009

Hiking in NZ

Today, I decided that I was going to find a place to go hiking. I found that there is a city nestled in an old volcanic crater called Lyttleton, so I took the bus to the Christchurch Gondola and hiked up to the summit with Rashmi and Phil. The weather was beyond shit. It was cold, rainy, sleeting, EXTREMELY windy, and beautiful! Once we got to the top, we went into the Gondola center. There I had a well deserved beer. We sat for some time until the weather broke. There were amazing panoramic views of new zealand. Lyttleton was really pretty. It was nestled at the base of this harbor which must have been an old volcano. I've posted a good shot of the area. It was taken at around a mile up.

We hiked down the other side into Lyttleton. It was a city made up mostly of bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. It was really dead, but kind of neat. My bandwidth is really limited right now, so I can't upload any of the pics that I want. I'll upload them later.

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