Thursday, November 12, 2009

Extreme Cold Weather Gear

Had my fitting for the Extreme Cold Weather Gear. This was done at the US Antarctic Program's Clothing Distribution Center by the Airport. It was right next to a hands-on antarctic discovery center which I would love to go to some time. I hear they have penguins! The clothing was stuffed into 2 orange duffel bags. Of course, my bag was non-existent, but there was a bag for Jon D Kauffmann--doppelganger!!! They realized their mistake and threw together mine fairly quickly. The clothing issued were:
- 1x large red thick jacket with my name on it (removable tag)
- 1x Thick wind-pants/overalls
- 2x leather gloves w/ lining
- 1x leather mittens with seperate wool liners
- 1x pair of plastic looking white thermal boots
- 1x set of thermal underwear
- 1x set of fleece pants and jacket
- 1x lighter red outer jacket (in case the weather gets nice)
- 2x thick wool socks
- 1x balaclava (baklava???) or head/face covering
- 1x goggles
- 1x fleece cap
- 1x fleece turtle neck (just the neck part)
- 1x another pair of thicker fleece pants

I'll have pictures of it all on a little later.

And they gave me a flu shot.

My flight to Antarctica is supposed to be tomorrow at 9am and I will report to the USAP at 6 am. I've heard rumors that the weather is very bad right now in which case they may not fly out until Monday (keep in mind tomorrow is friday-- +1 day from all y'all), which would mean I would have the weekend in new zealand! In this case, I would try renting a car and driving around the country.

I'm meeting a few people from the program at 5:30 when we'll go grab dinner and drinks. Should be fun.

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