Tuesday, November 10, 2009

About to head out

my plane leaves from LAX today at 10:30 pm. I'm probably going to carpool with Rashmi, Walt, and Phil to the airport. We plan to leave by 5:45 or 6pm. Hooray for international flights! We are hand carrying the new Focal Plane Unit (FPU) to the pole, which is sitting comfortably in it's military grade beige briefcase. I hope Justus got the handcuffs for it. That would be sweet.

I got my noise "canceling" headphones--the cheap pair that doesn't seem to do much. I'm also bringing Watchmen and The Professional for the plane ride. Oh, and I always have my emergency Dark Knight on my phone. Hopefully the drugs I bought will knock me out on the plane. 15 hours awake on a cramped jet, ummmm... no thanks. Oh, and I have my book on the founding of the Navy, just in case my sleeping pills don't work.

Next stop, australialand...

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