Friday, November 13, 2009

Flight to McMurdo Delayed 24 hours

At about 4 am last night, the B&B keeper went around informing us that the flight to McMurdo has been delayed. We're most likely to report to the USAP tomorrow at 6am. I'm pretty happy about this, as I got drunker than I was expecting last night. Went to the Dux de Lux which was a pretty kick-ass bar/microbrewery. I had their stout, which was nice and rich, their strong ale (which had some apricot in it, I think), their traditional NZ style lager, and then sampled some others. They had a ginger beer which was just awful. It tasted like a soda. Most of their beers are rated at 4%, so I made sure to inform them about the far superior Stone beers and their towering alcohol content. For dinner beforehand, I went to the Belgian Beer Bar and had a Gulden Draak with some lamb. The lamb was fantastic. It had such a great flavor to it, very rich and somewhat gamey, but very very good. Nice and tender as well. Things are somewhat expensive here. The lamb was 30 NZD (~24 USD) and the beer was 17 NZD (~14 USD).

After the 4am flight delay, I went back to sleep until 7:30 after which I had breakfast. After breakfast, the innkeeper brought out his 1928 Erskine around and took us all for a drive. We went to this old house that used to be some private mansion. It had some nice gardens a a stream that ran through it. Very cool. I've got some pictures of my behind the wheel that I'll post when I get the chance.

Today, I want to go into the hills and maybe get a hike in. I really want to get a good panorama of the city.

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