Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Arrived in Antarctica!

After 5 days of cancellations and an aborted takeoff (which was all sorts of fun...) we finally left for antarctica. We arrived at around 4:15am at Pegasus field, which is a permanent ice field about an hour's drive from mcmurdo. Once we arrived in town, we were immediately taken to an orientation breifing and then taken to breakfast in the galley. Finally, at around 8:30am I was able to get some rest. During the flight, my sinuses were really clogged and as we were landing, my left ear really hurt. Once we landed, I noticed that I couldn't hear out of it and I couldn't seem to pop it so I went to the doctor assuming I would just get some sinus meds and be on my merry way but apparently, my ear was in worse shape than I thought. According to the medical staff, I burst a few blood vessels and it didn't look good. They gave me some Flonase and Sudafed to help clear things out but they said I can't fly out until it heals or else I could risk permanent hearing damage! It could be one to three weeks! I've already regained hearing in my ear and am generally feeling much better, so I'm optimistic about the whole thing. I am, however, not looking forward to spending ANY time here in McMurdo. Everyone I know is leaving tomorrow, so I'll be stuck whith no one I know and nothing to do. I was fairly depressed earlier, but I'm feeling better now. Hopefully, I can heal fast enough that they can send me out in a few days, but if not, I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself. We're not at altitude here, so I can exercise without having to acclimate first so maybe there's some soccer going on that I can play. There are also spectacular hikes and cross country ski routes nearby, but I have to get certified and that might take as long as I'll be stuck here anyway.

Being stuck makes me feel homesick. Travelling in New Zealand was like a vacation, but until I arrive at Pole and start working, I would rather just not be here. Hopefully, I'll find stuff to do aside from lounge around in long-johns all day...

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